Village Gardens

"It's common knowledge that loyalty programs work, the key thing is implementing them."

Papa Kenos Pizza

"The expense is low...and even more important probably is that the hassle factor is very's a turn-key deal"

It's been nice. Before, we had a punch card...people are all about technology now, they want to do everything they can from their's one less card in their wallet. [We can send a text that says] "we haven't seen you in a while," and we've seen a lot of those customers come back and say "I got this text..." We see a lot of people come in and go straight to the kiosk.

—Jersey Boyz

Martin City Sports

"It's very cost effective, and it's the way of the future."

Sky High Sports

"It's been going great...It's been making more regular customers out of a non-regular business"

Zarda BBQ

"When we put this system in and watched what it did on the first day, we knew that everything they said was going to come true was going to happen...there's not an easier way to capture your consumers [and] build customer loyalty"

Bessie Boutique

"I love it, my customers love brought a lot of customers back into the store, and it's very simple to use."

Our customers LOVE this program. They get excited every time they check in and they say "YAY, three more checkins until I get a free cookie," or "three more checkins until I get a free latte!" They're very excited about it!

—Muffin Top Bakery

Fantastic Sams

"I'll tell you how easy it is for the customer...I've been installing the system at our stores, and while I was installing it, I had people behind me tapping their feet, waiting to sign in"

Chocolate Savvy Bakery

"It gives me a connection with the customers...they feel special...and it's definitely brought in traffic"